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How we helped Hydrogen Pay Implement Distributed Tracing Instantly

Access Bank Case Study

How Hydrogen Pay instantly adopted distributed tracing and improved reliability with Odigos

Company: Hydrogen Pay, a subsidiary of Access Bank

Industry: Fintech


Hydrogen Pay, a subsidiary of the multinational commercial Access Bank plc, is a payments services company that wanted to implement Distributed Tracing that is cost-effective and has the capability to bring in its own observability backend to aid in sending traces to Grafana.


Hydrogen Pay implemented Odigos and immediately generated Distributed Tracing across all their applications, without changing a single line of code! Odigos is an open-source solution that can be used with any programming language and can be integrated with existing observability vendors. Hydrogen Pay could instantly instrument their applications in minutes and send the tracing data to Grafana, an open-source analytics and visualisation solution. Tolu Aina, the lead DevOps engineer at HydrogenPay, spearheaded and oversaw the successful implementation of Odigos. “Odigos has proven to be a game-changer for us. With its ability to generate distributed traces instantly, Odigos has streamlined our process of identifying and resolving performance issues, pinpointing bottlenecks within microservices communication, and enhancing the overall reliability of our applications. We wholeheartedly recommend Odigos to any company seeking to implement Distributed Tracing and achieve cost savings”.


Hydrogen Pay was able to implement Odigos Distributed Tracing and achieve the following benefits successfully: instant distributed tracing, reduced costs, and increased agility. Odigos is a great solution for Financial institutions and Fintech companies that want to implement Distributed Tracing and save money.