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Introducing the new Odigos UI

Introducing a new UI for Odigos that makes it easier to discover and instrument applications.

Odigos Releases New UI for Easier Management of the Observability Pipeline

We are excited to announce the launch of our new UI! Our team has been working hard to create a more modern, streamlined display for a simple and more intuitive management of your observability pipeline.

It’s now easier than ever to adopt OpenTelemetry using Odigos. Our new UI provides users with not only easy installation, but also enhanced management tools for their observability pipeline. Here are some of the most notable changes:

  • Redesigned UI for easy configuration of destination: The new UI makes it easier than ever to configure your destination. Data fields are now pre-filled with commonly used values, so you can complete the required data more quickly and easily
  • Improved stability: The new UI is more stable than ever before. It is now deployed as a CLI on your local machine (as opposed to being deployed on a Kubernetes cluster with port forwarding), making it more reliable and easier to manage
  • Redesigned overview page: The new overview page provides a better visualization of your observability pipeline. You can see at a glance the status of all of your instrumented apps and destinations, enabling users to quickly identify any problems
  • Improved sidebar: The new sidebar is more intuitive and easier to use. You can easily find the features you need, and the navigation is more efficient

We hope you enjoy the new UI! It is the result of many months of hard work, and we believe it will make it easier for you to manage your observability pipeline.

To learn more about the new UI, please watch our demo, visit our Github or join our slack.

Thank you for using Odigos!